[120602] SNSD’s Sooyoung Fanboard Massage with Translation!


Sooyoung Fanboard Massage


With the excitement still left over from watching yesterday’s Dancing Hyo The Stars I went to MuCore!!+_+
I arrived in the morning and saw TaeTiSeo unnies doing their makeup..
Wow..they look so pretty in person.. They looked so pretty that I almost screamed
I am now an actress and a mistress so I worked hard to protect my dignity!!* I was so nervous!!
I went to the waiting room and saw the Girls’ Generation lunchbox that I used to see only on TV!!
Even my name was written on it! SONEs are so wittyㅠㅠㅠㅠ
I gladly ate the food and gained strength and the OK was given for my performance after only 2 recordings!
After that I watched TaeTiSeo unnies’ performance and their live singing was the best…ㅠㅡㅜ Why was Taeyeon unnie smiling like that? She’s so pretty. Seohyun unnie’s ad-libs were powerful.ㅠㅠ
Fany unnie’s hair color suits her so well and her powerful live singingㅠㅠ Unnies also did great on Sketchbook..
After finishing, the unnies changed into their MC outfits and wore wreaths, no angel can compare…ㅠㅡㅜ
I asked to take a photo and they gladly smiled and took a photoㅜㅜ
Unnies’ faces are so smallㅠㅠ I didn’t want to leave them but I had to go home..
For the first time in a while Girls’ Generation took millions of selcas with makeup on!
I also practiced the viola! You’re going to look forward to violist Euijin right?!
I miss you all 😦 I’ll meet you all at smtown Taiwan^_^!!

Don’t forget to vote #0500 Hyoyeon next Friday+_+

*Referring to her character in The Third Hospital

See the Picture Posted by Sooyoung here!


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