Girls’ Generation Reaveled Photo for “GiRL De’ Provence” Fragrance

It’s D-3 for 10-Corso-Como’s SNSD ‘GiRL’ fragrance to be released and above is today’s photo!

Meanwhile, global perfume brand 10-Corso-Como, will be having a collaboration launching party with SNSD.

The collaboration launching party which will be taking place on June 7th is held in conjunction with the collaboration project between perfume brand ‘GiRL’ and Asian leading lifestyle concept store ’10 Corso Como Seoul’. The event will be attended by SNSD and other famous figures.

SNSD are the models for ‘GiRL’ by ‘Master of Perfume’, Gerard Anthony which comes in 3 special fragrances namely Lily Magnolia, Wisteria and Delphinium. At this event, aromatic candles are expected to be unveiled as well.

Meanwhile, all products of ‘GiRL’ will be available exclusively at 10 Corso Como Cheongdam flagship, AvenueL and online stores starting June 8th.

Source:, (Translate) fanwonder


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