Highlight for 2nd Week of July!

Hi, Blossomer!

It’s been a long time, right? I’m really sorry for my laziness, It’s not an excuse actually, but I’m working and was unable to set my time here. 

Well, I’m in a middle of study, there’s tons of thesis i have to send on time (excuse…again). And i’m now working. So, my life is 24/7 Study + Working + Workaholic = Dizzy (with Panda Eyes) 😦

So, today… I’m trying hard to let myself updating here., Eventho, it’s just a bit., and I’m so sorry again.

For today, I’ll updating a lil bit about SNSD and T-Ara news. and the upcoming Running Man Episode!

I’ll also trying to searching the Subbed link for Invincible Youth 2 Episode 31 (Sunny Departure’s). Do you know about it? I’m sure G6’s fans know about it already… Its was so sad when the Sunbae will leave IY2 too… after Woori and Eunyoung…, Its not fun anymore. 😦 well, who will the next? Hyoyeon? Since her eonni wasn’t there anymore… 😦 (Emotional so suddenly)

I’ll also trying to shared with you here the new episode of Campus couple or as recognized as WooJung CP (Jungwoo and Eunjung) – This cp was interesting, i had a lot of funs watching this couple. Its been a long time i’m not watching this cp… but i found something interesting with them… of course,.. lol~

Are you familiar with Starlife Theater Show? I’m sure you guys know this… SNSD being in this show not a really long before this show starts… and now it’s T-ARA’s time to show themselves in this show!

Then, I have to go now… do visit here oftentimes, or if you have something to ask, just DM me on Twitter 

Good Nite, Blossemer! 🙂 


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