Tied Our Hands together, stay together and Pray for T-ara’s…

Life’s so unpredictable, we go through everyday meeting adversities and our own problems. There are times, we get knock off our feet, and take some time to recover. During this period we coped, as an individual, family or friends. Can anyone say, surviving at a ever well known K-pop group is easy?

They are humans as well. They are making a living through singing, dancing and performing to everyone. They became puppets of the scrutinizing media that dictates what they are to all the fans. When we see them as loving each other on a show, they are “have good teamwork and spirit” . When we see news of them or even rumors of them having conflict, people burst into outrage saying they are wrong, they are bullying.

All of us, screen our favourite idols from screen, from the view of concerts. Do we live their very life?. Do we get up and train, diet and perform? Are we subjected to views and opinions from the public? Our freedom in speech and actions highly exceeds theirs. Yes, we can have our views, our beliefs, but its the actions all of us online, as fans thats making T-ara what it is today.

IDOLS are nothing without fans, FANs are nothing without idols. The truth of this event might never be shown. But this is the time, we really take to consider, are we fans that support through? or fans that if our biased get plough and based on online news and evidence we will discriminate the other members? Lots of ANTI’s or even NON-QUEEN’s are taking chance of this to stir and fuel the flames. I urged all Fans, even Hwayoung fans, to think what they believe in. There’s no fortune that last forever, no joy thats eternal. Things come to an end for a purpose. Don’t take into views of others, Online evidence , Online rumors, or even maybe the truth. Ask yourself, are you capable of understanding your idol fully? to view them as good/bad person. 


Credits: Gab@melody.parksoyeon

Edited by: admin@pearlsblossom


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