Hwayoung is bullied?

As a pro T-ara Queen’s I wouldn’t force people that tries to defame T-ara to read this post. If you are anti-T-ara and you are unwilling to accept what we pro-T-ara thinks in this matter, you are advised to leave this post immediately.
Since the controversy started, we Queen’s have been going through so much pain in defending what we had always believe in.
When the sudden influx of antis just flooded in, we remain calm and choose to believe in T-ara.
We waited for the official announcement to prove them wrong, but antis seems unconvinced.
Angered, they began to search for evidence that Hwayoung is indeed bullied to strengthen their foundation.
They said that the agency is lying and all sorts of things refusing to accept the official statement.
Even when Hwayoung herself convey the message for them to stop all these, they would give excuses such as Hwayoung being forced to tweet.
When an article about Hwayoung apologising to Kim KwangSoo after this whole incident, they choose to ignore that has ever happened and AGAIN return to prove that Hwayoung is bullied.
They refuse to give the scandal a rest, in the name of pro-Hwayoung fans. I’m sad to say but they have failed to notice the real importance here. Hwayoung had always been a very obedient girl. As the second maknae in the group, it is only normal in this society where age matters significantly, that Hwayoung listened well to her unnies. Taking advantage of these, more evidences had been gathered and finally, even the Queen’s that has hold on so far began to waver, and T-ara is losing their fans day by day. It’s really unfortunate, but I’ll just say this one more time:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

We, the Queen’s, swear to stand by T-ara side, through their ups and downs. 
We will, in the name of T-ara, defend T-ara through any controversies.
When T-ara commit mistakes, we accept their mistakes and lead them to the right path.
When T-ara achieve milestones, we celebrate as one unit, and embrace the sense of togetherness.
In this difficult times, we will not falter, we will not be misled, we will stay strong, and come back as a stronger individuals.

Evidence time:

I’ve been browsing through the web these few days and THANKFULLY, someone actually made my life easier by compiling the evidence that T-ara had bullied Hwayoung into a post. Now I just have to reference from there.

Probably one of the very solid evidence in this scandal. I suppose by now people would have already figured out what the tweets mean (If you really didn’t know, you can go to my Tumblr and check my full report). Anyway, the tweets say everything. In my view, the tweets can be seen as encouragement for each other for their Budokan concert. The reason behind this is because T-ara is the first Korean Girl Group to stand on Budokan stage and it reallly meant a lot for them. So it is important for them to keep the fire burning by cheering each other up. Hwayoung, however, was injured at that time. Hwayoung too felt disappointed for not being able to give her all for this once in a lifetime concert (once in a lifetime as in there will only be one chance for them to stand on the stage as FIRST GIRL GROUP). Keeping this in mind, it’s only normal for her tweet to look a little bit more emotional and sad than the others. She’s cheering herself up.

Hyoyoung talked about her other twins going through pain and Hwayoung replied she only has her. They are twin sisters for god sake. They understand each other more than a mother understand her child. The pain that Hwayoung is feeling may be that she’s injured, may be that she can’t give in her best for the concert, but if this scandal proved to be a non-bullying case, then this is pain is definitely not because she’s being bullied. Hyoyoung then tweet another tweet saying having pretty face is useless if your heart is ugly. I’ll just train. Netizens ought to prove that at this point, Hyoyoung is still trying to comfort Hwayoung. It could be conflict in her group between a girl she thinks is much prettier than her. But without solid proof, there is no saying that Hyoyoung is talking on behalf of Hwayoung. If Hyoyoung is really trying to do so, as the older one, (if I am talking on behalf of my younger siblings I would have done it this way): @RHY422 Hwayoung-a Cheer up, having a pretty face doesn’t matter if her heart is ugly. Just be strong, tell unnie if there’s anything troubling you. Hyoyoung would have mentioned Hwayoung! Netizens also used Tarae (Hwayoung rap coach) tweets as evidence. Tarae sounded angry in her tweets and is scolding two bitches. Netizens (in their effort to prove 5-ara guilty) only take notes of this and refuse to post the remaining tweets. Here are the remaining tweets:

Second EDIT (making the first edit even more probably irrelevant):

Tarae: (1) ㅡㅡ;; What is this. The timing is unbelievable.. Well thank you for interpreting it to encourage Hyoyoung… but when I went to naver after finishing work, why are you dragging me into it!!?? I wrote that to spite the two bitches who disrespected me but… crap…
(2) How can thinks get mixed up as much as this… Whether T-ara are fighting or Hwayoung gets hurt, I’m busy enough working to feed myself!!! I’m not interested!!!! Am I meant to be Nostradamus or something? Think for yourselves. Hwayoung, I’m sorry… I didn’t know. Fuck. I’ve become T-ara’s enemy…
(3) I just want to work hard on music and give you all good music so don’t take interest in me for things like this. So unfair. Whoever inovlved me in this, come out… I’m going to kill you.
(4) jo_suyeon (to Tarae): What;;
(5) Tarae (to jo_suyeon): What do you mean what? I just got a million antis for nothing.
(6) I didn’t mean that I’m not interested in [don’t pay attention to] Hwayoung, I’m saying I’m too busy. The two!! The two bitches are… who?? Hyomin and Eunjung?? It’s Beyonce and Nicki Minaj!!!! Your interpretations.. I haven’t even spoken to those beauties before.
(7) Are you dyslexic?? I care about Hwayoung, i care about her, you little futures of the Republic of Korea..
(8) I have done wrong~~ I’m not only a teacher who cares about Hwayoung but a proud rapper of this country~~ I care~~ It’s true that T-ara fans are scary~~~ ah~ the sudden interest made me pay some attention to the comments~~ I take it back, antis~~~
(9) Let me say it again, the shock that all you fans had, I felt several hundred times that because I’m her teacher so that should be expected. I saw the blog and I was angry but I was even more angry that I was involved.
(10) Please continue to support Hwayoung until the end. Take care of her more closely than I have. In spirit and in deep sincerety.
(11) I apologise for the few words that I posted that caused so many fans to misunderstand. As much as you felt it, please take care of her and look after her that strongly and deeply.

Source: http://oniontaker.com/post/28131098948/trans-120725-t-ara-situation#ixzz22KzHe7yL

If you guys don’t believe me, I can’t make you believe me. Then I advise you to just search the web yourself and continue defaming T-ara cause I’m really so tired of this scandal.

That proves the source of this scandal as bullying as WRONG!

Second (2.)

Picture may speak a thousand words, but these pictures have been cut from a what seemingly joking show into a malicious post. This is a Japanese game show titled Han Love. (Full game show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwKANnm34aY) Meanwhile, this particular game show is coincidentally during the Batsu game (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batsu_game) Check out the full video to fully understand the situation. Look at 06:30, Jiyeon also have to suffer the same punishment. People have been saying about how Koreans should have known of the seriousness of stuffing rice cakes may choke the victim to death. So you guys actually think that Eunjung would actually kill Hwayoung? In the view of all viewers watching the show, and the emcee would just stand there and laugh, and Hwayoung would just accept the fact she’s going to die and drop dead? Please, even a murderer don’t kill in front of a large crowd, what’s more of these celebrities that care so much about their image. And if you notice, Eunjung didn’t force in the whole rice cake. Now stuffing the WHOLE rice cake in is no joke, but as long as Eunjung act as if she were forcing in the rice cake, it would be fine. Plus, which of you people know the meaning of sportmanship? If Eunjung actually faked this punishment, she would be asked to redo it and it would just complicate the matter. Everybody talked about how Eunjung is so bad to Hwayoung. Has anyone ever comment on the picture below? Shameless creatures.

Third (3.)

For this evidence, they are filming Star Life Theater. The crew asked Hwayoung why are you reading book when the van is so shaky. When Hwayoung was about to answer, Jiyeon interrupted saying that she only reads because there’s a camera. Using this as evidence, they said T-ara members laughed out loud and left Hwayoung feeling uncomfortable. However this was not the case when I look back at the clip. Hwayoung actually applaud when being teased this way

Those who need more evidence, just go and search T-ara Star Life Theater episode 3 and skip to 17:10. Hwayoung admitted that she really reads because of the camera. Somebody points out to me that although Hwayoung admits she only read book due to the camera, however, she admitted in in a half-hearted tone. I want to prove to you guys that Hwayoung is not even the reading books type

This is a screenshot from T-ara KBS morning episode.. Practically, hwayoung is asked whether she is too tired from juggling her studies and T-ara activities and she replied(as shown): Not really, it’s actually quite interesting to mix with unnies.

And then she was asked what level is she at now. She replied High 3. And when asked whether she’s going to have exam soon she replied(as shown): But compared to having exam, following my unnies and playing with them is more interesting.

Hwayoung was then asked if her friend at school envy her. She replied(as shown): Yes, quite. There’re are times when I feel like going back to school, but then I had to follow my unnies (she said it in a playful manner, follow my unnies as in she’s the one that willingly want to follow her unnies)

All these can be found on the 17 to 18 minutes of the video. Not only do these screencaps show Hwayoung is not those serious type girl that really prioritise her study, but also she’s actually very close to the other T-ara members. Case closed

Fourth (4.)

I don’t know where this is from and cos it’s hangul I can’t read it. People said that the content is saying Jiyeon got 1st place in popularity votes while Hwayoung get 0. So people actually filed this under bullying? When is the last time, you guys made fun of you SAME AGED FRIEND? We need more of Jiyeon purposely trying to put Hwayoung in an awkward position and not based your decision that this is a bullying case only based on this one picture. Let’s say Soyeon (my bias) gets 0 votes in popularity votes. Jiyeon wouldn’t dare to make fun of her because she’s her unnie. As I had EMPHASISE before, South Korea is a society where people really takes age into serious matter where you have to bow 90-degree if you are greeting your senior and other culture. When people find out about people sharing their same year of birth, they will be EXTRAORDINARILY friendly with them immediately because when will be the next time they can act like themselves if not to their same aged friends? Seriously, this is a stupid picture, it’s just showing how close Jiyeon is to Hwayoung and how comfortable she is with her that she can joke with her this way. Yes I don’t have evidence Jiyeon is not making fun of her time for this part. But IF YOU WILL, think of what I just said on top, if it doesn’t makes sense, I can’t force my opinion on you so LAUGH ALL U CAN.

Fifth (5.)

Next is this. First of all, this is not a Hello Baby scene, (as anti’s etc. said) it is T-ara Pretty Boys Ep 10 scene. Practically, people are making claims that T-ara members are ignoring Hwayoung and is only complimenting Qri’s work. When Hwayoung asked for some praises as well, none of the T-ara members actually bother to praise her. Hyomin immediately change the conversation topic. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people but at 49:11 of this video clip (Pretty Boys Ep 10) Boram actually said you did well. Hyomin wouldn’t respond to Hwayoung because she’s talking to Soyeon at that moment. Jiyeon and Eunjung is too far at the end to hear since Hwayoung’s aegyo way of asking for praise is too soft like (*whisper* praise my coloring as well *whisper) Qri can’t praise her obviously cause she’s in the same team as Hwayoung. So of course the camera will focus on Hyomin who is not taking any suggestion by Soyeon as it’s cute to see those two argue. People tend to only notice this but they missed out this part in the same episode:

Jiyeon personally feeding Hwayoung. C’mon people, be realistic. If you want to look at things from a single point of view than we Queen’s too have our own point of view. If you can prove Hwayoung is not on good relationship with T-ara members, we can prove otherwise as well. This is getting endless. Please just stop this and have peace.

Sixth (6.)

This time it’s another screen cap from T-ara pretty boys Ep 8. This time the accusations are the coat beside Hyomin are left there so that Hwayoung can be isolated at the other end and be bullied? Really? Look at MY Evidence this time

In this episode, the episode start off without Soyeon and Hyomin because they have other activities to attend to. They joined in later when they’re done with their activities. This picture shows exactly when they rejoin the show. (They are just about to sit down). As you can see, before they arrived, only Boram and Qri is sitting there and there’s an open space. Hwayoung is the one that choose to sit at the end for no reason. And please use your common sense, let’s say there’re four people on the sofa, who on earth would actually want to squeeze in and sit uncomfortably (even if you said it will be comfortable but please, a single chair beside Boram will DEFINITELY be more comfortable and has more space) when you can just sit comfortably to the left of the sofa. And people are saying Hwayoung is ignored. My evidence say otherwise though. If you look at episode 8 at exactly 16:08, you can see the members are discussing with Hwayoung about things (doesn’t matter what they’re talking about, the point is THEY ARE NOT IGNORING HER AND THEY ARE TALKING). Case closed.

Seventh (7.)

Bashers, you really need to state your sources clearly. For this picture you said it’s from Star Life Theater and I scan for hours and cannot find anything. Stop trolling! It’s from Hello Baby Ep 11 Dumpling-Making time. Your accusations for this part is that they refuse to put in Hwayoung’s dumpling because the soup will overflow. And this is bullying? Seriously? Have you guys even look at how big  is Hwayoung’s dumpling? Soyeon’s dumpling is big too but she’s the one cooking obviously she will cook hers first right? Common sense, survival of the fittest, human selfishness, place self before others. C’mon, I’ll show you how big is Hwayoung’s dumpling.

It’s that big people and the pot is just that small (refer to first image for this accusation). And it’s not like Soyeon refused to cook. If you look at 37:00 of Hello Baby E11 onwards, they decided to steam hwayoung’s dumpling. If this is a bully case, they wouldn’t even bother to show their nice sides and just throw away the dumplings. Case closed. This is a stupid accusation. -__-

Eighth (8.) Cases

Picture says it all. I guess you people are too lazy to find the video so I’ll just help you guys search it and prove that Hyomin didn’t do it on purpose.

Watch this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQpBvA5EoPY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

There specifically cut by responsible individual to prove that Hyomin’s is not doing it on purpose.

Ninth (9.) Cases

Maybe you guys keep referencing it wrongly because you’re afraid it may be proved wrong. Again this is referenced to Hello baby. THIS IS TAKEN FROM T-ARA PRETTY BOYS EPISODE 10!!! The accusation say, Hwayoung ask for a candy and soyeon SPECIFICALLY choose for Hwayoung the candy that had dropped on the floor. NO! Hwayoung said “can I have the grape flavoured one?” at 14:11 of the episode. Soyeon DID NOT choose the candy for her. And Soyeon did not DROP THE CANDY on the floor. The candies stayed on the cup throughout the episode. Soyeon is just cracking joke with Hwayoung saying that the candy had dropped on the floor. Anyway, Hwayoung ALMOST eaten the candy. She hasn’t eaten it yet. After Soyeon tells her it dropped on the floor, she still choose to eat it (with video effect at 14:22 saying “it’ll still taste the same”) This is a case closed. Definitely. Weak evidence.

Ten (10.) Cases

Accusation: Hwayoung being left out. This image is so wrong. From the plain look of it, (from a neutral point of view) Boram will be difficult to wrap her arms around hwayoung’s neck due to the difference in height. If it is anyone to wrap her arms around others, it should be Hwayoung. She is tall and exactly being my point is, other members lift their two arms, sure Boram may be at fault if you guys insist, but isn’t Hwayoung at fault too for not taking initiative to wrap her arms around boram’s neck?

You wanna play with picture:

cr. · So-yeon Park (박소연) (소연) T-ara (티아라)’s photos

there, happy? Boram lifted her arms, but where is Hwayoung’s arms? I’m not bashing Hwayoung but if you guys are taking advantage of hwayoung to bash T-ara then we’ll just have to use your weapon against yours. Anyway, very clear cut. Case closed.

Eleven (11.) Cases

Yes?! You people post this GIF and commented “………..” really? Where’s the reference? Wasted my 10 minutes searching for this. This is from Pretty Boys EP 9. Stop looking at the GIF and judge. Look at my JPG and then u come and judge

I’m amazed at how adept your skills are at cutting video seriously. You cut it exactly at the point when hwayoung will be smiling… This is a joke, PLAYED BY HWAYOUNG, ON BORAM!. Boram was just reacting according to what hwayoung is expecting, and hwayoung after seeing that smiles and feels happy. Lousy evidence that waste alot of my time.. Case closed.

Twelve 12. Cases

You’re saying that nobody help Hwayoung but other groups have others helping them. OK so this is bullying on hwayoung. Wanna see something more shocking than this?

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BefRJirL-Ks

I don’t see how, Soyeon, who injured her leg as well, is able to sing Lovey dovey while standing on crutches. It hurts us Queen’s seeing hwayoung injured and has to stand using crutch. But please stop posting these trivial things to bash T-ara. If Soyeon can stand and sing, I don’t see how Hwayoung can’t stand and TALK. Furthermore, they have two crutches, more than enough in keeping balance. This evidence is pure nonsensical. Purely hostile.

Thirteen (13.) Cases

Pictures after pictures. This evidence show that Hwayoung is being left out again. I’m getting tired of this. I’m gonna post pictures as well then. By the way, this is the opening scene of Star Life Theater episode 4 (just for the sake of those who don’t know what is called crediting sources)

They started off standing in one line.

Then Hyomin being the smart aleck walk out of the line to tell a cool joke

Other T-ara members find it funny so they laugh. I don’t know why but Hwayoung doesn’t find it funny so she just stand there feeling awkward. This is totally not a outcast situation. Boram is looking at Hwayoung direction. Hyomin is looking at the direction of the members because she’s trying to tell the joke to everyone without blocking the camera. If she face hwayoung direction, it makes it seems like she’s only telling it to hwayoung. Using your common sense, it’s only right that for Hyomin to tell a joke to everyone she has to face the majority side. If only hwayoung followed with the laughter, this evidence would be void. nevertheless, it’s too weak of an evidence anyway. Case closed.

Fourteen (14.) Cases

[TRANS] @rhy422 Keke.. Park Dino build a dog..but the dog look so tired…it didnt comb the hair and it went into my room already…Park Dino please don’t bully your dog..T.T hah.. pic.twitter.com/X7yNrBEO

cr. My_Tara

Accusation said it’s a gift from Jiyeon to her. The accusation further emphasises that the acorn in a dog bowl according to old korean saying means an outcast. However, the translation doesn’t even talk anything about Jiyeon giving it to Hwayoung. Park Dino please don’t bully YOUR dog! It’s Jiyeon’s dog not even Hwayoung’s. And you think Jiyeon would bother conveying message of outcast by some old Korean idiom when we all know she’s not even the study type, she won’t even be thinking of old idioms. Jiyeon merely build the dog because that’s just happen to be the shape the lego she’s playing. Not to mention Jiyeon has recently been addicted to playing Lego because she finds it extremely interesting. No hidden message, stop overthinking guys. It’s like saying why does the wind blow to the northeast, maybe there’s gold in that direction. Stop finding lame evidence to prove bullying, it ain’t working yo.

Fifteen (15.) Cases

Accusation: Soyeon leg bump into hwayoung and Soyeon grabs her hand and tell her not to touch it. First of all Soyeon’s leg didn’t bump into Hwayoung’s leg. It seems like that because this GIF is generated super fast. I’ve seen the GIF frame by frame and only Soyeon’s skirt has minimal contact with Hwayoung’s leg. (So why did Hwayoung’s leg get a reaction?) First of all, hwayoung is not trying to open the can, she’s just trying to point at it. (I can’t read hangul but I suppose there’s something special about that can) And Soyeon did not tell hwayoung to not touch it because they don’t even talk. The atmosphere is so tense the two of them didn’t even talk. hwayoung’s move back because whoever opening the can (I dunno whose hand is it) is opening the can, and need I repeat myself, the can has something. Hwayoung is not even planning to open it, the first time she reached forward, she would have grabbed that can if she want to open it. Soyeon grab hwayoung’s wrist area cause they’re excited of what’s inside the can (normal reaction, when you’re nervous, you tend to hold onto others for support). You can say I’m talking crap now but I’m not. Use Microsoft GIF animator and load this GIF frame by frame (that is, if you’re even bothered to do so). Case closed.

Sixteen (16.) Cases

Basically, this is stupid.. the article is just saying that the one who posted this comes from a girl group and she’s a new addition to the team and that she feels like an outcast. First of all, everyone can use the username Suk Ryu. I can use a username Bond? So I’m James Bond? Thank you @specky203 for pointing out that the initial refer to the initial of hangul character. T-ara (티아라) initial is (ᄐ). However, I must also point out to you guys that since this post does not mention about any initial, we cannot simply assume that this initial is ᄐ. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Just like the incident about Jiyeon slapping Hwayoung proves to be a stupid prank by some teen. This post isn’t valid until there’s real evidence showing real identity of the user. Username doesn’t defined somebody. Hey, let’s make pikachan87. So basically I’m a Pikachu-chan (female Pikachu) and I’m born in 1987. Be realistic people. username can be everyone.

Seventeen (17.) Cases

This is like the hot topic everywhere: Boram broke Hwayoung’s umbrella. No comment on this one. Watch this video, you antis are too dumb. 

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSrZC-f8rR0

Eightteen (18.) Cases

Basically this picture is saying that Hwayoung is forced to mix with Infinite and Sistar because T-ara unnies abandon her again. Yes this picture says so but I demand you people who use this as evidence to show that hwayoung is bullied to watch this video

Watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wBMGK8DJhk

The video clearly shows Hwayoung and T-ara members are talking to each other.

But if you insist on me explaining what the picture is showing, it’s actually caps during the Idol Star Championship when Soyeon and Hyomin had to go and film their dramas. Meanwhile Eunjung and Jiyeon is having competition. Qri and Boram (being same aged friend) are extremely close to each other and are probably out there somewhere playing with one another. But hwayoung is never abandoned. She choose to mix with Infinite and Sistar members which is not wrong at all. Why can’t people from different group be friends and sit together? It’s not like T-ara always ignore Hwayoung, it’s just that you antis are so good at caps that you always show picture showing hwayoung being abandoned when it’s just for a short while.

Nineteen (19.) Cases

I don’t know how many times people are going to use T-ara Pretty Boys ep 10 as evidence to show that Hwayoung is being outcasted here. I even posted the photo of Jiyeon and Hwayoung being friendly. Soyeon being friendly. She’s not being outcasted. You’re all just cutting the whole damn video to make her look so pity.

Here, I’m fed up, just watch the whole episode here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFVa6r31Hfc&list=PL8D72FA6185610F6F&index=10&feature=plpp_video

Twenty (20.) Cases 

Seriously all these pictures? The first picture is Hwayoung walking slowly, what has it got to do with other T-ara members. So I expect all you antis are being bullied when you are walking yourself home, ALONE? PATHETIC. The second picture is not even valid. How can you guarantee that Hwayoung is not walking to the front of the line. Picture only captures exact moment, you need to use videos to present this kind of evidence. And also, you need to give sources. There’s too many of T-ara at airport video I don’t even know which one is this. When you’ve found it come back and argue with me. Antis.

And luckily I found the fancam:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb1JkY6oWP8&feature=plcp

Look at 3:05, Hwayoung is standing in a line with the other T-ara members. Then the other T-ara members turned sideways to greet the reporters on the other side. But Hwayoung went inside the departure gate first. Realising she still had more reporters to entertain, she returned and decided to just stand behind T-ara and take photo. Happy guys? Not bullying, just antis creating rumours.

Twentyone (21.) Cases

There is violence?  O_O C’mon, stop cutting video as I said. this is from Hello Baby episode 2. Jiyeon and Soyeon failed to dress Mavin within time limit and thus failed to become the Moon brothers omma. Before this GIF, Mason and Hwayoung is feeding each other food. Hyomin instigated this by saying “They’re on a date ya~” Jiyeon is jealous cause she cannot be the mom so she KIDDINGLY hit Hwayoung. Look at Hwayoung expression after being hit here:

C’mon people. If I hit you like Jiyeon did without a joking context, would you still smirk? Look at Hwayoung’s face, she’s smiling!! If Jiyeon really hit Hwayoung that seriously, don’t you think Hwayoung should glare. Once again please stop cutting videos to prove the wrong thing. You can’t force a positive fact to be negative.

Twentytwo (22.) Cases

So Jiyeon never HI-5 Hwayoung and you said it’s bullying.. But you guys just stop it there and accept that fact. Look at this picture below:

Jiyeon is a playful girl. She kissed Hwayoung! So? Tell me how is not being hi-5ed is more cruel than not being kissed. Once again, I want you all to know that people that are angry will GLARE! Not smile OK?!

Twentythree (23.) Cases

This is actually a caps from a Japanese video when T-ara members are voted by Japanese citizens. Accusation is that T-ara members laughed at Hwayoung when she’s voted as most popular and is thus bullying Hwayoung. But are you sure it’s popularity vote?

Anybody read Japanese here, cause I try to translate the whole thing and find out it’s actually scary. That’s right, 怖い is read as Kowai, ( NOT KAWAII = CUTE) which actually means scary. Hwayoung is not scary at all and this person voting hwayoung as scariest person is just too funny for T-ara members. They don’t find Hwayoung scary and that’s why they laugh. And Hwayoung is sad not because she’s been bullied by T-ara members, but because she’s sad at the result that she’s voted as scariest member in T-ara. Case closed.

Twentyfour (24.) Cases

All of a sudden, my channel’s Hello baby episode 9 has massive increase in viewers. I’m very curious as to why it actually lead to this. I browse the web and realise it has something to do with the scandal.

There are no photos for this time round evidence. (Seriously, it’s just something that antis say, it really doesn’t come with a photo). Apparently antis have been saying about Soyeon or other T-ara members saying that Hwayoung should celebrate her anniversary herself and that T-ara will celebrate their own anniversary on 29 July as 6-ARA. However, this is not the case. In fact, I don’t think antis can prove of this rumour. Below are evidence I gathered from Hello Baby Ep 9 (Which video have significant increase in number of viewers. Comments posted are in Hangul as well. I think it’s the Korean Queen’s trying to prove antis wrong but I’m really not sure cos I don’t understand their comments at all)

I think my screen caps say all there is need to say. The rumour is definitely false and antis should just stop wasting their time bashing.

Twentyfive (25.) Cases

This is about the framer trying to frame Jiyeon slapping Hwayoung. The framer has been caught and it’s just a teen so Core Contents decided not to press charges. Have fun reading from your favorite anti-t-ara site:


If you are all really concern about T-ara news. I shouldn’t be posting this about the rumour that Jiyeon slapped Hwayoung is a fake one. You guys should be well aware that Jiyeon did not slapped Hwayoung as reported by T-ara back dancer group leader from Yama & Hotchicks.

If you antis feel offended or feel that any of my counter-evidence is not appropriate, kindly use etiquette to tell me or else you can make your way out of my blog.


Writers: StewardLG 

Edited by: admin@pearlsblossom


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