Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) claimed the staff’s of “Five Fingers” forced Eunjung to leave


Regarding Tara Eunjung’s receiving of an unilateral notice of termination from the drama production company, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has expressed its position.

The KEMA on the 23rd published to the media an article titled “Opinion on the Unreasonable Unilateral Breach of TV Drama Contract” 

According to this article, for the success of Five Fingers, Eunjung had given up other activities, including overseas activities, showing their sincerity to fully participate in the drama production, but the production team of “Five Fingers” on the 21st, requested with no legitimate reason, that Eunjung leave the drama on her own accord, mentioning that if she did not comply with the request, they would put pressure on Eunjung and her agency. 

Eunjung’s side did not understand this, and requested for a reason for withdrawal, but the production team only referred to the modification clause of the contract stating that the situation was not in the best interests of the drama production”

The KEMA stated “If it is necessary to change the cast during drama production, it should be be discussed with the actor with mutual understanding as the goal, but the production team and SBS on the 22nd did not relate any information to Eunjung about her withdrawal, but announced her termination through the media” 

It also stated “Through various evidence and proof, this association has verified and is shocked by this oppressive act of the production team”

The KEMA said “This association works to improve the practices of drama production and to develop a healthy industry by eradicating old practices. Therefore, from a few years ago, starting with the problems of unpaid acting fees, this association has worked to improve such unreasonable contracts and practices.” “Such efforts can been seen in the “Drama Production Standard Acting Contract” project developed with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

KEMA’s article concluded by stating “we will advocate for Ham Eunjung’s rights to restore her reputation as she has been unreasonably harmed as described above. To ensure that all relevant parties in this incident will not be further harmed, we anticipate the drama production team’s reasonable solution.”

Original source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/news.htm?id=201208240100192140016527&ServiceDate=20120823 

English translations by @kclalala via Chinese translations by Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar)Image


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