Isolating T-ara, A Case of Collective Madness.

The whole T-ara isolation event still persists and it recently evolved into the public isolating T-ara. This is the public being extremely offensive collectively, thus it can be called collective madness.

This collective crazy situation already started as early as the start of the whole T-ara isolation incident in which about 300000 members joined Tijinyo and there was no end after which.

The whole situation re-ignited again recently with the explusion of member Ham Eunjung from her drama. People saying “She deserves it”, and other dramas which have the other members acting in it are also cursed and criticized, as though they wanted to bury the girls.

The reason of all this craziness from the public was due to their assumption that there was isolation within the group, but the problem is there isnt any proof.

First of all, the T-ara members’s tweet become a problem. But this is the basis of dissatisfaction among members, and it absolutely can not be used as the basis of ‘isolation’. When a majority is not having a good relation with the minority or a few or not on good relation with one person, this is not isolation,life is never so simple.

Second is the various screenshots proposed as evidence, which is an outrageous excuse.They are just novels that are potraying the artistes’ image based on the screenshots they edited themselves. It can’t be used as ‘evidences’.

So even without any basis in the fact, people believed T-ara isolated, abandoned.This is a fanatical superstition! Not only the general public, many of the media and critics, civic groups also joined in the craze,exclaiming ‘Isolation is bad’ .

There are many situations in the past whereby there are little evidence but the general public just goes ahead and attack collectively, like what happened to MC Mong and Ock Ju Hyun. Now T-ara unluckily got a tail caught and they are just drowned even before they got to explain anything.

Be it T-ara or any others,the public are just looking for someone to vent their frustration on.And when this target appears, they just lose their senses and endulge in this craziness.

Using other peoples’ tears to clear the frustration within one, From this point of view, this is like the isolation cases in school , so there’s ths situation of “Isolation of T-ara”.

There were no isolation in the group or at least there are no evidence to really proof this. You want to destroy a person without any proof? This is a form of crazy violence!

The bad relation within the group seems true, but that could happen on any group.What they did wrong was to post what they felt on twitter and allowed others to have an excuse to attack.

Recently, the public are not waiting for evidence, addicted to the “seize and kill” situation. The public which likes to attack colletively,likes to find scapegoats,have no patience really needs to calm down.


*Author is Ha Jae Guen, a well-known society cultural critic in SK.

His blog:

Translated by: (@XiangLongSng)


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