T-Ara’s Massage Books Support Project!

Hey guys!

This is festivale, editor at t-eautiful! As we all know, the girls are going through quite the rough patch at the moment. Things look tough, and pretty much the only thing we can do is give them all the support we can… so let’s do just that! I’ll be designing a small book for the girls, which will hopefully be filled with short messages from fans all over the world, conveying our support for T-ara. (Translations will be done by Soya/hieuns, owner of t-eautiful.) 

If you want to leave the girls a message, or just want to do something to show them that we’re still here for them, please visit HERE and submit your name, location and a short two to three sentence-long message by September 2nd. Or you can just simply e-mail it to queensbookproject@gmail.comSimple as that! The book will be sent in October, so please do leave a message asap!

This may be something fairly small, but with any luck, we’d have done something for them. Thank you, and please do send in your messages! Queen’s Fighting! T-ara Fighting!



Thank you for those who have already started to participate and send in your messages. Guys, please do not send incomplete messages, we want all of them to go into the book but please make sure you include your name (first name) and location (where you’re from) and your message (1-3 sentences, short and sweet). Here’s an example:

Name: Ashley
Location: New York, USA
Message: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed urna orci, faucibus id porttitor vel, laoreet vitae est. Nam et purus nisl, tincidunt fringilla enim. Phasellus placerat, purus sit amet posuere feugiat, massa erat interdum dui, sodales elementum tortor lacus quis tortor.

Thanks for sending your support and share with fellow Queen’s!


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