T-ARA Finally Opens Up, ‘Foolish Behavior…Deep Reflection’


With the ‘T-ARA Crisis’ still going on, T-ARA members released an official handwritten apology letter understanding their foolish behavior and that they are in deep reflection on their actions. This letter was released today, which is one day after Hwayoung had written on her twitter about this crisis.

T-ARA posted this official apology letter on their official homepage with a post that started with, “We are writing this letter after much thought…” along with a picture of their apology letter.

T-ARA wrote, “This past month felt even longer than the time it took for us to train and debut and receive love from our fans. First, we truly apologize to everyone we disappointed. We admit that it was a very foolish thing to bring out our personal disagreements between members into the public. We are deeply reflecting upon our actions.”

They continued, “We truly apologize for our rash behaviors. If we were a bit more mature about the situation and tried to understand each other more, this situation might not have happened. The thought of this puts us through so much pain. We are truly sad that through these minor disagreements we have forgotten that all of us have worked hard together towards the same goal. With this incident, it seems that our good memories have been buried by our quick judgments.”

T-ARA members also left a message for Hwayoung, “Hwayoung must have gone through so much pain throughout this whole crisis. We are so sad that because of this incident that we can no longer be together. We hope that there will be no more incidents where Hwayoung gets hurt.”

Lastly, T-ARA apologized to the public and their fans once again, “We are again truly sorry for letting our fans down. This incident has been a huge life lesson to us. We have now realized that we are responsible for our actions and that it could reflect a bad image to our younger fans as well.”

“We truly ask for forgiveness from our parents, our loving fans and to everyone that we have disappointed. We will work hard in order for everyone to forgive us. We are truly sorry. We also hope that everyone will support and love Hwayoung as well. We will always be rooting for Hwayoung.”

Yesterday, Hwayoung wrote on her twitter for the first time in a month saying, “I am sad to hear about Eunjung’s removal from her drama. Although our group has had some disagreements, I am sad to see that people have made it worse by making bullying rumors. Our group has been together since the beginning and has many good memories together. I hope that we can all now see each other with smiling faces and I hope that everyone will continue to support T-ARA. We are truly sorry for everyone that we have disappointed.”


Source: OSEN

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2 thoughts on “T-ARA Finally Opens Up, ‘Foolish Behavior…Deep Reflection’

  1. Thahk you T-ara .keep walking.we are cheering you up
    We are waiting for you.
    I like Eunjung. She is a good actress and I don’t care people say.

  2. Too late and too coincidental with their comeback for doubters to accept and believe. My personal view on the scandal is that Hwayoung had a falling out with someone in the group and everybody took the side of that someone and Hwayoung became ostracized within the group. From some of the Youtube videos I’ve seen, it’s clear that Hwayoung was deliberately ignored in some of them. Is it bullying? That’s debatable but it does seem she became isolated from the rest of the group.

    The telling thing in the apology letter, and during the whole scandal, is that nobody from T-ara has intimated that they want Hwayoung to return to the group. That to me speaks volumes and gives me the feeling that she was pushed out by some, probably not all, of the other members. Even Soyeon in her short interview said that she asked the CEO to “sort out the problem” although she said she never wanted for Hwayoung to leave. I’m sorry, but when you ask something like that of your CEO, what else are you asking for except to get rid of that “problem” member. The CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, probably knowing all about the disagreements and tensions within the group naturally sided with the majority of the group, and took the easiest option of getting rid of one single member (Hwayoung), who happened to be one of the less popular members, which made his decision all that much easier.

    However, KKS seriously misread public sentiment towards perceived bullying. The tweets and T-ara’s rumoured past of bullying was always going to draw a lot of attention. KKS never honestly addressed any issue the public wanted answers for and in his clumsy attempts to limit the damage was caught in several lies, not that he had an honest reputation in the first place. After KKS’s bumbling attempts to explain the reasons for Hwayoung’s exit, the only thing that could have lessened the netizen’s anger would be a clear explanation of the events leading upto Hwayoung’s departure, coming from T-ara members and/or Hwayoung herself. None of this has been forthcoming and even with this letter and Hwayoung’s most recent tweet, it is still ambiguous as to whether bullying did or did not occur. The tweets between Hyomin, Jiyeon and Soyeon did seem to be cliquey bitching and I guess they thought it was their clever inside joke. I’m not sure you could say that the tweets themselves amount to bullying but it was stupid and immature, especially in such a public forum.

    My take on what lead up to Hwayoung’s departure is that T-ara, who are comprised of young girls, naturally formed their cliques within the group. With Hwayoung joing the group later, she always found it hard to be accepted by the established members. I would say that she wasn’t always excluded and maybe for a time they all tried to get along. However, at some point, a dispute or disagreement lead to Hwayoung being further excluded and tensions rising to the point where they found it difficult to be around one another. Even though ostracizing somebody is not a nice thing to do, it’s just how it is sometimes when we are talking about group dynamics of young people living and working with one another, day in and day out. The lack of maturity with some of these young girls is understandable. The responsibility to sort out internal problems lie with the people in charge of them, which does not seem to be case here. KKS could have got the girls together to air their grievances and defuse any tensions, but that would asking too much of this inept CEO. His only way of solving problems is too get rid of any perceived problem (in this case Hwayoung) and protect at all cost his golden goose (T-ara).

    In all honesty, I doubt the sincereness of the apology letter, especially with its timing, just before their comeback. With that said, I hope T-ara do get back on their feet and make music again as they make some of the more interesting KPOP songs around. They are young girls and they did make a mistake, which resulted in somebody getting the sack, but they are still just young girls. The best thing T-ara, CCM and KKS can do is extend an olive branch to Hwayoung and offer to take her back into the group and apologize for their harsh treatment of her. Whether Hwayoung takes up the offer is up to her. This gesture has to be made because the reason people are mostly angry is that one person was unfairly made the scapegoat. Only by sincerely attempting to correct a perceived injustice, can T-ara and CCM truly alleviate the anger of those who feel wronged on Hwayoung’s behalf.

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