E&M’s Speak Up for Eunjung’s Termination contract for “Five Fingers”


Yein E&M, the production company that decided to remove Ham Eun Jung from ‘Five Fingers,’ released a statement that said that the choice was made for the good of the rest of the cast and crew. This is the same reason that T-ARA’s own management company gave when they decided to remove T-ARA member Hwayoung, after the controversy.
The official statement said, “We waited for Eunjung’s management company to deal with the situation and we finished the press conference with a lot of difficulty but because the talk about the controversy didn’t stop, the production company decided to hold an emergency meeting. We believed that the controversy would dissipate over time and that’s why we didn’t pull Eun Jung off the project earlier. However, the controversy didn’t stop even when the series started airing and while Eunjung is important, the other members of the cast and crew were also important.”
They believed that they had a duty to protect the best interest of the majority of the people involved in the project and if Eunjung was a supporting actress, they would have taken her along. However, because she was cast in the lead, they had no choice but to make this decision.
This stance by the production company is the same one that T-ARA’s management revealed at the height of the T-ARA controversy.
Core Contents Media, who manages T-ARA, and its CEO Kim Kwang Soo said that they were canceling Hwayoung’s contract without any conditions. They said it was the result of honoring the opinions of 19 staff members. Kim Kwang Soo said, “We didn’t believe that it was right to allow staff members to be hurting and crying because of something that a certain celebrity did. If T-ARA became a group that made their coworkers ashamed or regretful of their decisions to work for them, they would not be fulfilling a promise to the people to be the best group that they can be. T-ARA puts a lot of emphasis on being a team rather than the individual members’ strengths.” 
He added, “It almost feels like we’re cutting out a part of our flesh but this was done for the future of T-ARA and their cohesion. We made sure that all the members understood and we had to convince them as well.”
This is precisely what went down between the production company for “Five Fingers” and Core Contents Media. However, the general population’s reactions to both of these are very different.
The decision to remove Eunjung was right, but the decision to remove Hwayoung was wrong. This is because they believe Hwayoung was the victim of bullying.
However, the evidence that convinced the interner users were incredibly limited, partial and not trustworthy. If you leave aside the assumptions and look at just the facts, you can tell that Hwayoung had a conflict with the T-ARA members but it’s a stretch of the imagination to say that she was bullied.
Hwayoung said, “I really hope we can step away from the past and see each other again with smiling faces. I did not feel good after reading the article about Eunjung and her removal from the drama. It’s true that I had conflicts with other members in T-ARA because of differences in opinion but I hated to see that the situation was made worse with the bullying allegations.” She was essentially denying the bullying rumours and trying to step away from the past.
She added, “There were really happy days when we were all part of a group and I really want to forget the past and be able to cheer each other on. I am incredibly sorry to those who were really big supporters and lovers of T-ARA for making them worry and have concern over these issues.”
Because Hwayoung denied the bullying rumours, the hope is that the T-ARA controversy will stop growing and being talked about. The internet users should tone down the amount of criticism aimed at the group that are based on simple hearsay or circumstantial evidence.
That’s not to say that T-ARA did things well or right. There were mistakes and faults. The way that the management handled things were also not exemplary. However, the amount of damage and hurt that have been handed to these people are enough and they’ve paid their price. Imagine how Eunjung feels after facing that much negative attention and then preparing for a drama that she would later be pulled off of?
Yein E&M said, “We hope that Eun Jung can recover from this bad news soon and that she and T-ARA can face audiences once again with a brighter image.” 
On the other hand, KKS also stated, “It almost feels like we’re cutting out a part of our flesh but this was done for the future of T-ARA and their cohesion. We made sure that all the members understood and we had to convince them as well.”
Me? “I hope that everyone should start finding the real colour of the wire and reconnect them accordingly. Certain hard-core Queens’ put the blame towards Hwayoung because since the incident T-ara’s name are ‘blacklisted’ as bad and grudge – and now it is unpredictable to know their future. Even though Hwayoung kept on saying ‘sorry’ they thought it just part of her drama queen but for me netizen is the real queen for this drama.
And to T-Jinyo, just because you watch those one-minute gif or photos from ‘creative and sharp-eye netizen’ you’ll believe it almost 300% and throw eggs to CCM headquater. It does not make any sense. What about your past decision to meet T-ara and KKS to discuss regarding KKS’s statement about the reason why Hwayoung been out from the group? Sorry for being straightforward but for me it shows that how unorganized you are – even though the colour of your ‘campaign’ have not yet decide yet. What makes you different with KKS’s management if you say that their management are bad?
It seemed like netizen are the one that control the situation and the impact is huge – nowadays it getting hard to see any T-ara members even Qri to appear on TV. You claimed and shows your unstoppable anger to any broadcast station for broadcasting any T-ara members on show. Well then how about you just turn off your TV. It won’t give any impact to the rest of viewers at all. Look at Hwayoung, there is nowhere for her to go. Her future path as idol is blurred. Did any of you see whether there is entertainment agency who wants to take her as their trainee? No, right?”
Source: Nate
Translation & Editors : Tiarafans
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