T-Ara’s Finally makes a Comeback on September!

T-ara is set to make their comeback!
On August 29, local media Star Today reported that T-ara has decided to make their comeback through KBS “Music Bank.” They are tentatively scheduled to appear in the September 7 show of “Music Bank,” with a new single that would be a follow up to their mini album, “Day By Day.”
“T-ara’s comeback through ‘Music Bank’ is already confirmed internally at KBS,” an official from KBS was quoted as saying.
The report said the decision to return is part of Core Contents Media’s strategy to revive the group’s career, which has been going nowhere even after more than a month since the Hwayoung controversy.
“Actually, T-ara’s decision to suspend their activities was their own decision in the first place. It wasn’t like the broadcasters boycotted the group. They want to face the public criticism directly and try to negate some of the negative perception of the group,” the official said.
Netizens largely seemed split with T-ara’s decision to comeback so early, as they commented,“They’re coming back this early?” “They need to watch out if they do comeback,” and “T-ara forever!”

T-ARA’s Comeback Stage for “SEXY LOVE”schedule:
06/9 on “M! Countdown”
07/9 On “Music Bank”
08/9 on “Music Core”
09/9 on “Inkigayo”


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