T-ara’s Official Application ‘T-ara’ APP Has Been Released!!!

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About This Application:

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UPDATED:September 10, 2012







# T-ara’s official application ‘T-ara’ APP has been released!!

T-ara’s official mobile application, T-ara App is now available for all you T-ara lovers out there. Now, with the new T-ara App, you will have access to the latest updates on everything about T-ara. The application is filled with the latest (and some exclusive) profile info, music videos, 3D characters, exclusive photos, schedule updates, and other news

Now you can follow T-ara 24/7 in the palm of your hands!!!

※Through future updates, the members of T-ARA will directly post messages, photos, and videos of themselves.

※Ps. Queen’s forever!


– T-ara (Profile)
: Accurate and detailed profile on each member (connected to their personal SNS)

– 3D Character
: See your favorite members’ pictorials in 3D with zoom-in and auto-rotation functions.

– Photo
: Latest, exclusive, and unique still image photos.

– Video
: From music videos to unreleased ‘making-of’ footage, get access to exciting and exclusive video clips.

– Schedule
: Up-to-date feed on their schedules of live performances, tours, and even TV appearances.

– News/Notices
: The latest tidings and event notices from Core Contents Media and the official
T-ara App.

– Future Updates
: New uploads of 3D Character and Photos every 1~2 weeks.
: Continual updates on Schedule and News/Notices.
: SNS functions to be added so you can communicate with T-ara directly.
: Links to upcoming T-ara related applications and functions


– You must be connected to network to use this application.
You may incur additional charges, if you are not using a flat rate pricing for data network connection.
Wi-Fi connection is recommended.
– T-ara official application ‘T-ara’ APP requires a separate data file saving process to bring you the best array of quality videos.
You must have a SDCARD with 20MB of free space.
– T-ara application is optimized for Android 4.0(ICS) or above.
With 2.3(gingerbread) you may experience errors
– This application is optimized for 480*800, 720*1280, 800*1280 resolutions.
For any other resolution settings the user interface could be disturbed

# PR / marketing / planning / production

– Core Contents Media
– Sunshinez




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